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Hoarding Cleanup Company Winchester NV, Junk Removal and Estate Cleanout Services

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junk removal Winchester NV

House Cleanout Services in Winchester NV

Need a discrete and compassionate cleanout team? Property Rehab can help with hoarding, estate cleanouts, eviction and foreclosure cleanouts, and junk removal. When you need professional house cleanout services in Winchester NV, not only will we clear out your property of unwanted materials, but we'll dump your junk into our dumpsters and deliver it to the landfill. No matter the situation, whether you or someone you care about is suffering from hoarding, or you're just a property owner that needs to remove a tenant's left behind possessions, Property Rehab is Winchester's choice for cleaning out and hauling away junk.

Hoarding Cleanout

Nobody likes their business out in the open. Often with hoarding cleanup, the cleanout can be made a spectacle to those around. The team at Property Rehab takes discretion very seriously. During our initial phone call, we listen, as each job is unique and we'll tailor our service to fit your specific needs. We will craft a plan that fits your schedule so we can get the job done as quickly and discreetly as possible. We know that a hoarding situation can be emotional for all those involved. That’s why our hoarding cleanup company works closely with customers to ensure the property is cleared out with compassion and according to the expectations of all those involved.

Our hoarder cleanup is more than just a disposal service. Property Rehab's hoarding cleaning experts will help sort through the accumulation of personal belongings, important documents, garbage, or whatever else has overcrowded the home to the point of being a safety hazard. 


We help before, during, and after the hoarding cleanup process. Hoarding cleanup requires sensitivity, discretion,  and the utmost professionalism from your hoarding cleanup company. We will work by your side to make sure your home is cleaned while not causing any additional anxiety, stress, or frustration.

If you need hoarding cleanout, contact us today at 702-278-2696.

Junk Removal

Junk always finds a way to multiply. Whether it be a tenant who has left items behind, or you yourself have accumulated junk that needs to be removed, we provide junk removal throughout Winchester NV, and the surrounding areas. You will have a junk cleanup crew and a dumpster at your disposal to handle it all.  We'll clear your house of all the junk, trash, and clutter, including any leftover furniture and appliances you don’t want.  When we have collected everything you want to get rid of, we'll do a full walk-through to make sure that there is no trash behind and your property is left looking like new. This includes scrubbing and cleaning all the walls, windows and floors.

The following things can be taken to the dump:

  • Household trash and general waste

  • Carpet

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel items

  • Most household appliances

If you've remodeled your home, you may have a large amount of construction and

debris that needs to be hauled off. We also can clean up and haul away the following.


  • Renovation debris

  • Roofing debris

  • Wood flooring

  • Carpet

  • ​Lumber and other wood

  • Drywall and sheetrock

We make the process as seamless and easy as possible. All landfill fees are part of our service so you don't need to worry about separate costs.

hoarding cleanup Winchester NV

Eviction & Foreclosure Cleanouts

When selling a home in Winchester, you want the property to look good for prospective buyers. That's easier said than done when selling a foreclosure home. You need to make sure the previous tenant or homeowner's belongings have been removed from the property before putting the home up for sale.

Sometimes eviction is unfortunately necessary and people will either forget their things or leave them out of spite. We handle eviction cleanup in Winchester just as we would a foreclosure. We will haul their junk off so you can get new tenants.

Our eviction and forclosure cleanout team at Property Rehab will provide you with the safest and most efficient eviction and forclosure service so you don't need to clean out the home yourself. We make sure all previous owner's belongings, such as debris, furniture, appliances, or anything else are out so you can focus on making your sale.

We will show up at the property and give you an estimate based on how much room the desired items you want to be removed take up in our dump trucks.

Estate Cleanouts

As a Winchester estate cleanup company, we are dedicated to providing nurturing care and efficient estate cleanup service to ensure that the estate is cleaned out without burden or added stress. Many estate cleanouts are often due to a major life event, such as a family member that needs to be moved to full-time care or someone you care about has passed away. When you and your family members need help with the cleaning of a departed home or property, call Property Rehab. We look forward to helping you with your estate cleanout and welcome any questions you may have.

property cleanout Winchester NV

Some of the benefits of using our estate cleanout services include:

  • We offer fast removal options to fit any timeline. We are accustomed to tight deadlines and we make sure that your property is empty on time.

  • Elderly parents or grandparents tend to have accumulated many decade's worth of belongings. Our job is to clean out everything. This means that you don’t have to deal with the job of removal and hauling everything from the estate.

  • Cleanouts often take hours of work and even include travel if you live a distance away. We are efficient in that we have a team of dedicated people that handle estate cleanouts professionally.

The Top Property Cleanout in Winchester NV

There are many reasons your home might need property cleanup. From diseases such as hoarding, death in the family that leaves you with an estate to deal with, or maybe you just need your junk removed, Property Rehab offers house cleanout services for all these situations.

We work with families across Winchester NV and the surrounding areas to clean, rebuild & restore homes. If you have questions about hoarding cleanup or any of our other property cleanout services, call Property Rehab today. 

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